Actually, our idea comes from the name of this hackaton, Cathacks: Winter Edition, so we decided the theme of our project will be related to cat and winter (which is Christmas xD). After that, we try to figure out which project should we work on for this hackaton. I’ve build several apps and websites in the previous hackatons but never really build a game, so I think this is a perfect opportunity to spend time on the weekend learning how to build a game! I also invited one of my friend to join the fun, so here we are :)

What it does

Tap into the cat to jump and try to avoid hitting the tree as far you can. Help this cat collect as much as presents for Christmas! Happy Meow Christmas!

How I built it

We use Unity to build the game and all the interactions. For visuals, we use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Challenges I ran into

It’s our first time to build a game and first time using Unity. So we have to really learn everything from scratch from tutorials (i have to admit this is not so easy at all lol), sometimes we overcome problems due to the lack of knowledge of how to use the software, but overall it was really great experience!

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

We successfully build the game in a short amount of time with a good visuals and user experience, really so happy!

What I learned

The hardest part in creating a game is in the animation and visual part. Each of the movement need specific layer and we need to really take that into account. And combine that with coding skills so the animation can work as what we expected. And how to really present all the works into a working game.

What’s next

More challenges like snowball moving or Santa throwing presents xD