We were deeply inspired by the recent events of the US election. With such sophisticated a new technologies of the 21st century we thought elections could be done better in a way no one could dispute. As electronic voting schemes are becoming popular in the last decade, and they are still unsolved. E-voting schemes bring problems mainly regarding security, credibility, transparency, reliability, and functionality.

What it does

As an effort to bring transparency, fairness, and truth to elections, we decided to build AngelVote, a platform to facilitate decentralized voting. Transparency of the whole process and the voters’ security and privacy thanks to homomorphic encryption.

It is fully utilized by blockchain and all processes can be handled within it. After the start of the voting, the platform behaves as fully independent and decentralized without possibilities to affect the voting process. The data are fully transparent, but the identity of voters is secured.

Key Features




How we built it

NextJS like crazy and React. Using the NextJS serverless functions hosted on Vercel connected to serverless functions on Google Cloud to do blockchain ops and connect to Mongo. Firestore, firebase storage for local caching and firebase auth.

Challenges we ran into

Prettier whitespace change merge conflicts CORS on Google Cloud Functions SSG tries to parse all paths but we have a backend that’s too complicated and inconsistent data

What we learned

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Biggest app we’ve ever made

What’s next for Angel’s Vote

Fix up all our missing UI We could allow CSV to upload to support larger voter lists Voter registration page vs auto registration on first vote