project is an online learning platform that pairs individuals with role models from their targeted universities and companies in various subjects. We submitted this project to Garudahacks Hackaton.


Fun Fact: how we get our name, is a verb of Mentoring in Indonesian language.

“The information in textbooks is not necessarily what you need or would like to have at your fingertips.” That’s when we realise the great benefit of having a mentor. Having guidance, encouragement and support from trusted mentors can help us with a broad range of professional benefits. Not only can you learn whatever you want in any interest you have, but you learn it directly from someone who is already in that field of expertise.


There’s no education-dedicated platform for mentors to post about their upcoming talks/webinars in Indonesia, which usually end up being shared through their social media (instagram, facebook, personal website). We see that as a problem because education content can easily get distracted by other entertainment content. On the other hand, the distribution of that talks/webinars information is usually very limited (only within followers/ friends of the mentors), which makes it even worse because the information wasn’t evenly distributed and not optimal.

As a student, finding a mentor can be difficult. There is a fear of approaching someone and asking for advice, especially when you haven’t met or known the mentor in person. That’s where comes in. is an online learning platform that allows you to connect and learn directly from your mentors and industry experts from any area of your interest. Mentors can create live-classes to share their knowledge and experience with bigger audiences, students can find the class easily and ask questions to the mentors, so it’s a win-win. We hope to bridge that gap and encourage all professionals to join our platform and make an impact.

Challenges we ran into

Each of us use a different tech-stack, so at first it takes time for us to decide which tech-stack to use for our project. After choosing that, we sometimes run into a problem when some of the functions in the back-end and front-end doesn’t support with each other. It was a great learning experience!

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We ship on time! (10.00 am)

What we learned

We learned how to prioritise things, obviously we won’t have enough time to implement all of the fancy features we can ever think of, so we try to analyse and set our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as simple as possible while also solving the problem. Also a clear and well-understood prototype is vital for a collaborative project to get everyone on the same page.

What’s next for

We plan to build our own messaging systems with a better use of user’s data. And we hope to partner up with companies and universities across Indonesia to hold their seminars/talks in our platform. Let’s create a positive movement and inspire our young generations.