Main User Journey, from website :
Main User Journey, from website :


HomeChef is a cooking recipe web-app that connect home-cookers, professional chefs, and food markets. We provide on-demand video of professional chefs sharing their recipe tutorials with us, while also enabling the user to order the ingredients directly from us. By doing that, we help professional chefs to share his unique creations of recipe and support food markets to sustain from limited orders per day, and get the user the ingredients without going out!

We believe that our seamless integration between three of this core user journeys is very critical especially during these pandemic times where people still want to buy groceries and cook something new in day to day basis, with a very limited close contact with others. Though it might feel different than normal, our mission is to bring convenient to our user, professional chefs, and food markets.

That is why our team built HomeChef. The product allows our users to:

At this moment, our product prototype works best in desktop browser.

Demo GitHub repo


I worked on this product with a team that I met at Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp Shenzhen #Batch 410. We built the application with Ruby on Rails, and used Git & GitHub to collaborate. I work in the intersection of front-end & back-end, and learned a lot by doing this project. My main responsibilities included:

Our Process

1. Ideation

John, is a 34-year-old office worker with a family, he wants to learn how to cook a new recipe, but he doesn’t have much time on grocery shopping. Usually he watches videos of how to make recipies from his fav chefs on youtube. Core User Journey

Ideally we would have come up with a whole range of ideas, and tested out a few of them with our potential customers to determine what’s best. Since we had to design and build the product within 2 weeks, we simply had everyone on the team quickly brainstorm and narrow down on a concept that made the most sense. Here’s what we did:

2. Implementation

It’s time to code! - Not quite yet. Our team sat down and had a discussion about the models that we’re going to create based on the core user journey. We built our schema database like this:

In the process, we figured out that there is some process which is critical and some is ‘nice to have’ so we rather focus our time for building our main user journey, because we only have 1 week to build this web-app for the final-project.

3. Takeaways

This was my second project as a developer and designer in our team. I learned a lot about building a product from sketch to real app, both front-end and back-end. Also learn how to prioritize the works ‘need to be done’ and ‘nice to have’, because given such a short amount of time, we can’t just build all the nice feature we want. Thanks Le Wagon for giving me this opportunity and choosing my idea as our final project.